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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blog Gone Dead

so yeah. am closing down this place.
might have a new one though.
i'll see (:

moving on with life.


Tuesday, December 30, 2008



算了吧。不想再等了。 我也不想再争取什么。


edit : random stuff. im perfectly fine. lol

Saturday, December 27, 2008

things i wanna say and things i want you to know

Too strong for too long
everyone thinks we are too tough for needing someone by our side

But i don't care what they say
I'm in love with you
They try to pull me away
But they don't know the truth

they don't know the truth. yeah. they don't know the truth, of how much i've fallen for you

Anybody who's ever loved, ya know just what i feel
Too hard to fake it, nothing can replace it

u know u hate him, but u just can't resist him

You say you dream of my face
But you don't like me
You just like the chase

you gave me love, you gave me hope, and you crash them altogether

Well, let me see you put your hands up (hands up)
Fellas tell your lady she's the one (fellas tell your lady she's the one, oh)

let me hear what i have been waiting to hear, please

But you always find a way to keep me right here waiting
You always find the words to say to keep me right here waiting

you always do

you have found the key to my heart, now you just gotta find the lock.


I opened the laptop this morning, sat in front of it, and started thinking

"where should i go to download english MP3s?''

so i've decided to try my blog friend's links. Which, then i just realized, all are connected to Kpop and Jpop only.

i dont know if i should laugh or what.

i can search for a korean/japanese song within a snap.

english song? well... i've spent 3 hours and with zero results.

Ironic, eh?

i didnt dare to go to any random sites to download anymore because that was what happened, and tada~! my own PC was attacked by Trojan. darn.

so, SOS here please!!

if ANY of you who are kind enough to le me know where to download western pops SAFELY, thank u very muchhhhhhhhhh <3

top listed wanna-download songs :
1 . Mary J Blige - Be Without You
2. Delta Goodrem ft. someone i forgot >_< - Almost Here
3. David Archuleta - Crush ann is transferring this song to me. i love you ann!!! xD

current mood : ki siao aka going crazy

Friday, December 26, 2008

Love Is

Love is when you can name a thousand bad points of a person, yet,
you still treat him as the other half of your heart.


Love is when you can name a thousand bad points of a person, yet,
he means the whole world to you.


Love is when you can name a thousand bad points of a person, yet,
you can still look at him and say, "I love you."


shinhung at 740pm, 26/12/08

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Cell Phone Picture Spam Part 2

Hehe. Back for Part 2.
Ben, sabar lah! lol.

another cousin's wedding.
i love this pair of bears!

we were at school doing the Car Wash project.
the rain was pouring down.
a different feeling of St. Thomas.
it was raining so the place was dark. they switched on the light.
very nice (:

Melissa shy shy xD
it was really dark outside. it's as though it's already night time whereas it was only 4pm.

another one. Fadly go tickle her!!! hahaha.

Kuching Festival 08 at ACS Church.
me went there with mum and aunty for a concert.

On the way to Sarawak Culture Village for RYLA 08.
One of the mountains.

reached there! on the way to our dorm aka Iban Long House.

i forgot what were we doing. learning some dance i guess.

took the pic frm our room.
starting from the empty chair clockwise : Edgar, Lee Huay, Jessie, Pei Chen, Shu Kee

we're playing the same game i played 2 years back. it was much more fun then.
anyway, left to right : Edgar, Lewis, Sam, Meylan, Me, Nicole

he's our main facilitator, Leo.

1st row : Stefan, Edgar, Pei Chen, Me, Lee Huay
2nd row : Sean, Rowena, Shu Kee, Aaron, Lee Shiuan(showing off her tattoo. lol)

Well.. i fell down from the stairs in the village.
so, TADA! here's the bruise. it went way blue back after a while.
what a memory.

So well, i cut off a lot of pic from RYLA. since u know that i did not enjoy the camp at all. in fact i hated it.

So, now, let's go to some happy events!!

Doulos Mural Painting Competition.
Alvin was working on the long house.
Jocelyn and James.
Notice James's hand. Yeap. most of our hands were like that. We didnt have small brushes. so we had to use our hands. lol.

Ben was drawing the lil captain guy standing on the ship.
Jocelyn's drawing the captain's eyes.

Alvin, James(look at his palm!)

our painting was done! Alvin was writing the word ''DOULOS'' on our ship cause we actually forgot to write it in. Hehe. James was packing up.
It was a shame that i didnt get the process into my camera cause our hands were just TOO dirty.

Well, anyway, i'll pause it here for the moment. Need to prepare myself for a christmas celebration at Trinity Methodist Church later. It'd be my first time!
Will continue later on.
Have a Merry Christmas peeps! ^_______^

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Cell Phone Picture Spam

Well there are too many events that i've missed out.
So i'll just let the pictures speak (along with my captions.LOL)

Grandpa's birthday 08

Grandpa and youngest cousin in our family.

During ISCF senior farewell party. it was... not reali a success. sigh.
anyway, left to right:Azra, Ivan, Deborah, and the half gone head i think it belonged to Ben. lol.

the blue one laughing his head off literally, is Alvin Chai. XD

Fiona(in orange) was giving us some games which made me and Ben felt so stupid. lol.

the first time i drove around city with friends in car.
We went to deliver the invitation letters for the schools involved in ISCF Telematch 08.
Ben messing Esther's hair, who was trying to sleep. xD
I realize Esther sleeps EVERYWHERE she goes. Haha!

At Life Cafe. before Lettuce went off to Russia.
left to right : Leatrice, Esther

Budak ADHD's pig.
i was in his car i think. the background is my prefect blazer. LOL.

St. Thomas Cathedral Church Parish Sale 08
i was walking around looking for stuff to buy.
It almost ended so everyone was packing up.
i reached this stall. and i saw these.
I guess they were tired and wanted some fun. LOL.
but i wondered, how come, ONE KISS cost RM10 yet THREE KISSES are FREE?

Preparation for the Charity Sale which was held in PTPL hall. For Creative Kindergartens.
We were blowing up balloons and making them into shapes.
i F.R.E.A.K.E.D. O.U.T.

risking our lives by all those darts with the kids AIMING at US instead of the sterofoam(however u spell it)

Benjamin Ong the lalat xD

Lalat fight with Laser Gun!
left to right : Ben , Genevieve

Young Doctors visit to the Lions Nursing Home.
1st row left to right : Chia Wen, Poh Li, Phoebe, Pei Chen(she looked like she's being strangled xD), Rowena, Lee Shiuan
2nd row : Azimah, Lin Hui, Jocelyn, Lee Huay(the one strangling Pei Chen xD),Jasmine, Esther, Me
3rd rows(basically the monkeys xD) : forgot his name >.<,Fringky, forgot his name too>.<, Elmer aka kacang, Anderian Interact Club Installation Night at St. Joseph 08
Me, Ben, Violet, Esther, Natasha

Happy 18th Birthday to me!
Hehe. the cake looks plain cause it's homemade.
but the taste? better than u can get from a bakery. loved it!
another pic for memorial ^___^

the present i got for my senior, Yew Chye.
it was actuali a lil girly. so i kinda bought the wrong thing.
but nevertheless, i loved this bear! i wanted to keep it -____-''

Prefects' Dinner 08
Me on top, Esther below with the ^.^V pose. lol.
The first time i had eyeliner and mascara on OTHER than CNY.
Thanks Esther! lol.

Esther with... er... either Marilyn or Marie xD
Prefects' Dinner at Sarawak Culture Village

Ivan with Esther.
terlalu rapat liao lah adohh... >_<" Proudly presents, DBSK Mirotic BIG poster
i went down to the shop IMMEDIATELY after i received the message from Aiza unnie saying that YG magazine got include this big poster the other day.

We're at this HIV talk. Joan was trying to take a photo of me. I avoided JUST in time. hahaha.
Me shy ba! wakaka.
from the nearest to the camera to furthest : Hazimah, Me(covering my face), Monica, Azwin, Azra

Rasa pro. hahahahaha!
left to right : Sulai, Monica, Me, Hazimah, Azwin
Azra's gone! xD

Cousin's wedding.
my vain cousin took his photo with my hp camera.
so, anyway, presenting my dear cousin!
Just call him er.. Justin. He's a dancer! ^^

my another cousin was trying out the spectacles. LOL.
Justin at the back. he looked so gayish. Eww.

Interact Leadership Course at Telang Usan Hotel.
left to right : Lee Huay, Pei Chen, Shu Kee, Ms Sim

left to right : Esther, Rowena, Yung Jiun

left to right : Me, Esther, Rowena, Yung Jiun

Shu Kee became our waitress. lol

at the Spring.
my mum dint wanna smile. lol
top to bottom : cousin-in-law, mum

i din wanna take a pic at tat time so i made that >.<>so i was forced to take another pic -___-''

Interact Club World Water Monitoring Day joint with the Chemistry Institution of Malaysia.
Pei Chen chasing Fadly. lol.

Believe it or not. It was a CIGARETTE.
i ate it and spitted it out.


a closer look for you.

We were doing Bio project in school.
Jiram here looked like he's having a picnic or sth. lol.
oh btw, he's the only guy in our group. haha.

Wind Cave in Bau,Sarawak.
Our Interact Club and St. Joseph's Interact Club members were supposed to accompany some boys from the Raffles' Institute from Singapore to tour around Kuching.

the cave was great. it looked like one of those BIG caves in those Hong Kong dramas where all the saints of kung fu master meditates in. lol.

Somewhere near the Wind Cave, we stopped for a break.
This is the Black Lake. i think(or i've watched too much Harry Potter)
Pei Chen, Yung Jiun, Me

we were attending the Alpha Youth Talk in Trinity Methodist Church.
2nd row : Ben, Jonathan
1st row : Me, Melissa

OKAY! so, that's all for now. too tired to continue.
will continue again next time when i feel like to.